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Top 3 things to check to ensure CBD works for you

“Does CBD actually work?” “How much CBD should I take?” “Is CBD overhyped?” If you have tried CBD, chances are you have asked these questions at some point of time, or have met someone with similar doubts. The growing popularity of CBD has prompted thousands of people to try it, but a lack of the right knowledge has prevented them from enjoying its true benefits. CBD oil can be used to treat a number of conditions including chronic pain and anxiety, but sometimes it may not work for you. Here’s why: • You are taking the wrong dosage in the wrong way It is important that you take the right dose in the right way. The “right dosage” may vary...

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CBD Oil, Hemp Fruit Chews, & Vaping: How to Use CBD and Why It's Beneficial!

February 11, 2020 How to Use CBD Oil and Why it’s Beneficial Despite being a controversial landmine, CBD oil has a lot of potential as a natural remedy for several medical conditions. But how do you use and why is it beneficial? Read on to learn more. Better known as CBD oil, cannabidiol is a natural remedy used to treat several ailments. It contains more than 100 known chemical elements found in cannabis sativa. But unlike marijuana, CBD oil relieves symptoms without giving you a sensation of getting “high.” This is because CBD oil is made by extracting it from cannabis and diluting with hemp seed oil, coconut oil or other carrier oils. It offers multiple health benefits backed by scientific...

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How Liberty CBD Changed My Life

On September 23, 2017, I had a life-changing event. It happened at night on a property I had never been to. I was walking down a steep hill toward a campfire when I had an encounter with a retaining wall. The wall stuck up about a foot above the ground. My right shin came in contact with the top of the wall. Because of the steepness of the hill, it flipped me over the wall. Having no idea how far the fall was going to be, I did my best not to land on my back. I landed on my feet! Just like a cat. I was so relieved! Short lived. I was on the ground. Dropping to my right...

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