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CBD and How it May Help Boost the Immune System

Get information on how CBD helps in boosting the immune system. Learn about the different ways patients can take CBD. Over the past couple of years, research on CBD has increased. Scientists and doctors have found the product to have tons of health benefits. The newfound positive impact that the product has on the immune system has as a result made the product an asset in the healthcare system. This has also resulted in the lifting of the ban on cannabis in many states, as farmers are allowed to grow the crops, to supply the health industry with the much-needed product. How does the immune system work? The immune system acts as an inbuilt defense against invaders such as bacteria,...

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How Liberty CBD Changed My Life

On September 23, 2017, I had a life-changing event. It happened at night on a property I had never been to. I was walking down a steep hill toward a campfire when I had an encounter with a retaining wall. The wall stuck up about a foot above the ground. My right shin came in contact with the top of the wall. Because of the steepness of the hill, it flipped me over the wall. Having no idea how far the fall was going to be, I did my best not to land on my back. I landed on my feet! Just like a cat. I was so relieved! Short lived. I was on the ground. Dropping to my right...

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