But wait a sec… what’s the difference between hemp and weed?

Mom, baseball, apple pie… and hemp?

Why, yes! Hemp is as American as George Washington himself. By the way, as an American farmer, good ol’ George actually grew hemp and urged his fellow countrymen to do the same. Back in the Colonial days, hemp was grown for its commercial value as it was used to make rope, cloth, paper and canvas for ships. (Indeed, the very word “canvas” comes from the word “cannabis.”)

Fast forward roughly 150 years, and hemp becomes yet another casualty in drug war. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 ushered in an era of severe crackdowns on all things related to cannabis. In the ‘50s, laws classified hemp into the same category as marijuana, and good ol’ Nixon finally put the nail in cannabis’ coffin by declaring his “War on Drugs.” Then comes the Farm Bill of 2018 and viola! Hemp is once again considered safe.

But, really though. What does all this actually mean? We won’t bore or confuse you with botanical Latin names, we’ll just say that there are more than a dozen different species of Cannabis plants. Think about this: There are many different species of rose and tomatoes plants, right? Each one comes with their own unique properties. So think of hemp as marijuana’s cousin, or second cousin once removed, or great aunt, whatever you want... just know that the cannabis that gets you stoned is not the same cannabis as hemp, also known as Cannabis Sativa.

Marijuana/Weed/Pot (or “Grass” for you oldsters!) generally refers to cannabis that contains a high concentration of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, a compound found in cannabis that can lead to psychoactive effects. THC is just one of the dozens of these chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is another one of these cannabinoids. Both THC and CBD are currently being recognized the world over for their medicinal and healing properties.

To simplify it, marijuana has more THC, the stuff that gets you high. Hemp has a relatively low THC content, usually around .3%.

So, does Liberty CBD contain THC? Minimal traces. Remember how the hemp plant contains around .3% THC? Well, Liberty CBD Oil contains .03%. You’re not going to feel “stoned” or “high.”

However, our customers have reported amazing effects from Liberty CBD Oil. Helps with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, autism, the lowering of high blood pressure, the stabilization of glucose rates, and the pain of fibromyalgia and arthritis, just to name a few of our customers’ conditions.   

Still afraid Liberty CBD Oil is going to have you growing dreadlocks, seeing dancing bears and developing a fondness for the Grateful Dead and reggae? Fear not! (Not that there’s anything wrong with those things. Whatever floats your boat!) But if you’re like most people new to the world of medical cannabis, you’re approaching things with a cautious skepticism. And that’s great! We encourage you to do so. Drop us a line or give us a call anytime. We’re here to help.


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